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South Carolina man faces murder-for-hire accusations

Criminal allegations can cause a South Carolina resident's life to go into a downward spiral. A person's reputation and all they worked for can be significantly damaged because of mere allegations of criminal conduct. A person facing such a predicament should immediately explore their options to counteract the negative effects of the criminal accusations.

A 62-year-old man from Folly Beach may need to take such immediate action. The man was arrested by federal agents for allegedly hiring a person to commit murder. His home was also searched for possible evidence. Based on the request of the state's attorney, the affidavit of the case remains sealed and little is known about the case, including who was targeted in the supposed murder plot. Details of the case will be made public during a scheduled preliminary hearing.

Four people face drug charges after meth lab discovery

Drug offenses come with serious consequences. An accused can face a lengthy prison sentence and expensive penalties. Depending on the severity of the allegations, drug charges can be elevated on a federal scale. For this reason, it is important for a South Carolina resident facing charges to act immediately to avoid any further complications.

South Carolina teen faces drunk driving charges for fatal crash

Drunk driving charges can come with serious repercussions. Possible penalties include license suspension, expensive fines, installation of an ignition interlock device and incarceration. An accused person also faces the burden of having their reputation tarnished, and a South Carolina teenager is presently facing such consequences.

South Carolina bill protecting kids from identity theft passes

In many crimes, children are the most vulnerable because of their youth and because they are unable to fully protect themselves. They are also prone to Internet crimes like identity theft. However, legislation that seeks to protect South Carolina children from identity theft is making progress. The bill recently passed in the state House of Representatives.

South Carolina couple accused in missing person case

To many people, "innocent until proven guilty" may be just a cliché. However, people facing serious criminal allegations know this is the difference between suffering long-term consequences and living a free and normal life. The same phrase was also recently uttered by the defense attorneys of a South Carolina couple who have been implicated in a murder case.

South Carolina man faces Internet sex crime allegations

Like in most states, South Carolina has severe penalties involving Internet crimes. Proving a person's innocence when facing charges like identity theft, computer fraud or cyberstalking can be challenging. It becomes even more difficult if the person is facing Internet sex crime charges involving minors. In such a case, assistance from a criminal defense professional is advisable if the accused person wishes to clear his or her name.

South Carolina man accused of molesting girlfriend's daughter

Any criminal allegations can weigh heavily on the shoulders of an accused. Accusations, especially those that are sexual in nature and involve a child, can definitely add to the weight. The recent case of a South Carolina man dealing with a previous criminal charge and now facing another, more damaging, charge illustrates how serious legal problems can become.

A 40-year-old man from Simpsonville recently was charged with three counts of child molestation and was also denied bail by the judge, who stated that she considered the accused at risk for committing a felony if freed. According to the warrant, the molestation happened nearly two years ago at a local hotel and concerned a 12-year-old girl who was the daughter of the man's girlfriend.

South Carolina sheriff suspended after facing serious charges

The Internet plays an important role on the daily lives of South Carolina residents through both social media and online transactions. Because of this, many criminals are now using the Internet to commit fraudulent acts against potential victims. Internet crimes usually involve virus attacks, fraud, hacking and sex-related computer crimes. These crimes can be prosecuted in state or federal courts, depending on the nature of the offense.

A county sheriff in South Carolina was recently suspended after he was accused of wire fraud charges. The sheriff, 38, allegedly worked with a 48-year-old owner of credit repair business in creating fake police reports in order for the clients of the credit repair business to assert that their overdue bills were the result of identity theft. The two were indicted on conspiracy to commit fraud, which carries a maximum fine of $250,000 and 20 years in prison if convicted.

One woman charged with felony drunk driving after a fatal crash

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Columbia, South Carolina, and everywhere else in the United States. For first-time offenders, they may face misdemeanor charges if no one was injured in the incident. Another offense can lead to more serious, felony charges, depending on the circumstances. If the driver is involved in an accident that results in the bodily harm or death of another, he or she may be subject to felony charges, which can lead to long-term incarceration, fines and other penalties.

A 38-year-old South Carolina woman was recently involved in a car accident that claimed the life of a 22-year-old, also from South Carolina. The 38-year-old driver allegedly struck the rear of the car that a 22-year-old woman was driving, sending that car into the path of another vehicle. The 22-year-old was transported to a hospital where she later died.

Large heroin seizure leads to arrests of South Carolina men

Drug-related offenses can be varied in South Carolina. There are numerous types of convictions due to drug charges, including drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, drug manufacturing and drug trafficking. The sentences for each charge vary. The type of drug and its quantity are all considered in determining the appropriate sentence for anyone convicted of a charge.

Two men were recently apprehended by Lancaster County Sheriff's Deputies after an estimated four pounds of heroin were confiscated from an Indian Land home. According to investigators, this was the largest seizure ever of heroin in Indian Land. The value of the confiscated heroin is estimated to range from $400,000 to $500,000.


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