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CEO arrested on DUI charges

A drunk driving charge can carry serious consequences. Not only does an individual face a fine, possible jail time and other restrictions, but their reputation can also be harmed. Because of the damages a DUI can cause, it is imperative that the police get it right and do not implicate an individual wrongly.

Recently the CEO of Cypress Creek Organic Farms was driving on Highway 18 when he was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. The man now sits in a Cherokee County jail awaiting his time in court to tell his side of the story.

South Carolina sheriff pleads not guilty on bribery charges

A criminal charge that leads to a conviction can carry serious ramifications. Fines, jail time or even capital punishment can be carried out when an individual is convicted. Yet another result of a criminal conviction is the negative stigma and reputational damage. Because of these serious consequences, individuals charged with a crime should proceed with caution to ensure that they are not being wrongly punished.

South Carolina's longest serving sheriff was recently released on a $100,000 bond after being charged with federal bribery. Prosecutors believe that the sheriff allowed friends to buy favors. They also believe he was committing wire fraud and helping assist individuals that were in the country illegally for cash. The sheriff faces a total of ten separate charges.

Five South Carolina men face serious drug charges

Drug charges can be extremely serious in the state of South Carolina and can come with tough penalties. Individuals that face drug charges may not fully understand the process or their rights, but these rights exist and need protecting. Protecting rights effectively can be the difference between a serious penalty and an acquittal.

Recently in Columbia, South Carolina, five individuals were brought to court on federal drug and firearm charges. Those individuals are being charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute methamphetamine. A conviction for these individuals could result in ten years to life imprisonment.

Man claims he wasn't driving in felony drunk driving case

A felony DUI charge arising out of a fatal accident in the state of South Carolina can result in serious consequences. If convicted, the accused can face a lengthy prison sentence.

Recently in Woodruff, a 2005 Crown Victoria was driving on I-26 when it lost control and hit a guardrail. Two individuals were ejected from the vehicle. One of those individuals was a 16-year-old girl who ended up losing her life. The other was a 23-year-old man. The man survived the accident and is now being charged with felony DUI. The man claims that he does not remember the accident. He says he only remembers being at a club when the girl offered to drive him home. He claims he was not driving the vehicle.

Plea deal could drastically reduce ex-mayor's sentence

A plea deal has its pros and cons in the public eye, but in reality, plea bargains are essential to the court system. Plea bargains are necessary because of overburdened court calendars and overcrowded jailhouses. When charged with an offense, the importance of negotiations and plea offers becomes key.

Former mayor of Charlotte, Patrick Cannon, is currently facing white-collar crime charges for accepting bribes that could land him in prison for up to 20 years. An expert in white-collar crime, however, predicts that Cannon will only serve approximately three to five years as a result of his plea agreement. The agreement dictates that Cannon's offense will drop two levels if he agrees to plead guilty.

Serious drunk driving charges against South Carolina man

Recently in Florence County, serious charges have been brought against a man accused of drunk driving. As an individual faces extreme penalties and serious allegations, it is important for them to remember that they still have rights and those rights are always entitled to protections under the Constitution.

The man was driving in the town of Effingham when he crossed the centerline and drove into a yard on the other side of the street. A 35-year-old man happened to be mowing his lawn at the time and was struck by the vehicle. The pedestrian did not survive the incident. The driver now stands accused with driving under the influence resulting in death and child endangerment. The accident remains under police investigation.

Fraud charges brought against three South Carolina residents

Internet crimes can be extremely complicated. In some scenarios an Internet crime occurs without an individual knowing they are a part of the scam. Because many layers are involved in investigating Internet crimes, knowing one's legal rights proves to be essential when asserting a defense.

Federal investigators recently arrested three individuals in the Charleston area, alleging that they were a part of international fraud. The investigators believed the individuals were involved in romantic scams and bank, financial and credit card takeovers. Nineteen individuals across the United States have been arrested in connection with the crimes. Reportedly, millions of U.S. dollars were at stake as a result of the fraud. Hundreds of victims have also been identified.

Fifty-two individuals indicted in drug bust

A drug charge in South Carolina can be a very serious allegation. Those indicted on drug charges often face a wide range of sentences. When facing a drug charge it is important to remember that legal rights still exist.

Recently, the South Carolina Attorney General brought charges against 52 individuals for drug-related crimes. The Attorney General believes that the individuals have been bringing thousands of pounds of drugs into South Carolina since 2009. They also believe that the drug activity stretched across the state and affected many counties.

Woman charged with DUI after driving on beach

Almost all South Carolina residents know what it feels like to see police lights in their review mirror. The stomach dropping feeling is not one that many of us are fond of. Seeing the lights may be particularly worrisome if you've had a glass of wine or a beer at dinner. No matter the circumstances, South Carolina residents should take a deep breath and remember that laws are in place to protect them.

Recently, a woman accidentally drove onto the beach on Hilton Head Island. The woman was stuck in the sand when officers found her. The report states that the woman thought she was turning right into a parking lot, but she instead turned into the beach access. The woman is suspected of drunk driving and now faces a DUI charge.

South Carolina ranks third in drunk driving-related deaths

Drunk driving is a constant problem across the country. South Carolina is no exception. According to the latest study by 24-7 Wall Street, the state currently ranks third for drunk driving deaths. Although that piece of information is a cause for concern, there is also the matter of how it will affect residents accused of drunk driving.


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