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March 2012 Archives

Bobby Brown arrested for DUI

Last month, South Carolina residents probably read about Bobby Brown in various newspaper headlines when his former wife, Whitney Houston, passed away. This week, the R&B singer is in the news for a very different reason--driving under the influence of alcohol.

South Carolina man faces charges for soliciting a minor for sex

All different types of criminal convictions can severely impact your life. However, sex offenses are viewed as especially egregious in the eyes of the law. Furthermore, the criminal justice system is sensitive to sex crimes involving children. Convictions for these offenses can result in massive fines, decades of prison time and a ruined reputation of the offender in his or her community.

NFL football player found not guilty of rape

There are many consequences of a sex crime conviction. If you are found guilty of a sex-related offense in the state of South Carolina, on top of a lengthy prison sentence, you will have to register as a sex offender. Furthermore, you will probably face a lot of public scrutiny. For this reason, if you are confronted with sex charges, you should ensure that your rights are adequately honored. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. In a recent national story, a well-known NFL football player has been acquitted by a jury for rape charges.

States consider ignition interlocks for drunk driving offenders

Have you ever been convicted of a drunk driving offense? A recent article explains that government agencies have been considering whether to require ignition interlock equipment in cars for those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). The other option would be placing the equipment in only hard-core drunk drivers' vehicles. Hard-core drunk drivers include repeat DUI offenders. Currently, South Carolina does not require the system for those that have been convicted of only one DUI.

University linebacker charged with grand larceny, theft and burglary

Property crimes can comprise of burglary or breaking into someone's home or business. Similar charges include grand larceny or embezzlement, which may involve stealing money or property from another person. In a local story, a University football player is confronting property crime charges for allegedly burglarizing a South Carolina home.


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