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NFL football player found not guilty of rape

There are many consequences of a sex crime conviction. If you are found guilty of a sex-related offense in the state of South Carolina, on top of a lengthy prison sentence, you will have to register as a sex offender. Furthermore, you will probably face a lot of public scrutiny. For this reason, if you are confronted with sex charges, you should ensure that your rights are adequately honored. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. In a recent national story, a well-known NFL football player has been acquitted by a jury for rape charges.

An article explains that a woman went out drinking at a Denver night club back in September. Evidence shows that she went back to the apartment of Perrish Cox, the former cornerback for the Denver Broncos. However, the woman did not remember details of the evening. However, weeks after the incident, she learned that she was pregnant.

The case went to trial, and, the foreman of the jury is speaking openly about the jury's decision. He notes that while jurors struggled with their decision, evidence was not sufficient to convict the player of rape.

The jurors came to the conclusion that Cox was the father of the woman's child; however, there was not enough evidence presented to establish that Perish had sexually assaulted her. The foreman explains, "There was no way for us to evaluate whether she was awake, whether she was still passed out or what condition she was in, much less whether he knew what condition she was in."

The prosecution could not prove that Cox had knowledge that the victim was not in any condition to have sex. The jury deliberated for hours and found Cox not guilty.

This story demonstrates how evidence is an essential part of a criminal verdict. Furthermore, although the criminal justice system may appear one-sided, it is important to remember that as the accused, one is guaranteed legal protections in the court of law.

Source: 9News.com, "Perrish Cox jury foreman: 'A lot of us were frustrated,'" Mar. 6, 2012

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