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April 2012 Archives

4 face drug charges after police search home

Drug charges can have a profound effect on a South Carolinians' future. First of all, there can be serious consequences for a conviction. A conviction will often mean a lengthy jail or prison sentence. Beyond jail or prison time, a conviction can have lifelong effects. These include consequences to the person's family life. Also, drug charges may lead to loss of a job or difficulty finding employment in the future.

Woman charged with welfare fraud after hitting the jackpot

Did you know that if you continue to collect some government benefits after coming into a lot of money, you could be breaking the law? Some South Carolina residents don't realize that a windfall might mean a cutoff of benefits. For example, one Midwest woman faces criminal charges after allegedly winning her state lottery and subsequently collecting food stamps. As a result, this woman confronts two felonies for welfare fraud.

Sex offender registries: Are they reliable?

Many South Carolina residents do an online search for sex offenders living in their neighborhood. This is especially common when people move into a new environment. However, did you know that these sex offender websites may not be accurate? In fact, in five states, these sites overestimate the number of sex offenders in a particular community by as much as 60 percent.

Facebook leads to aggravated assault charge

Over the past few years, people have become extremely absorbed by social media networks. South Carolina residents know that one of the most popular social mediums is Facebook. The comfort level has come to a point where people will not filter what they post or upload on the internet. However, in recent news, some unfiltered comments on Facebook may have landed a man in jail for charges of aggravated assault. Sources allege that the suspect attacked a neighbor because he felt that the man's sister posted ill-mannered statements about him on Facebook.

Baseball pitcher arrested for drunk driving

With spring blossoming, South Carolina baseball followers are extremely excited for the start of Major League Baseball. One team, however, is dealing with a little bit of a criminal setback. In recent news, MLB pitcher Cristhian Martinez was taken into custody this week on drunk driving charges. Martinez is in his third season with the Atlanta Braves.


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