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4 face drug charges after police search home

Drug charges can have a profound effect on a South Carolinians' future. First of all, there can be serious consequences for a conviction. A conviction will often mean a lengthy jail or prison sentence. Beyond jail or prison time, a conviction can have lifelong effects. These include consequences to the person's family life. Also, drug charges may lead to loss of a job or difficulty finding employment in the future.

Four South Carolina residents may now face these obstacles after recently being charged with various drug offenses. Three of the individuals were charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver it. The other individual was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver it and with the possession of cocaine.

According to police, they received complaints about the home where the suspects were living about three weeks before the arrests were made. Allegedly, the police began an investigation and carried out a search warrant on the residential home. During the search, the police apparently found marijuana and cocaine. The police also took money from the house.

These individuals are out of jail on bond while they await further proceedings. They each face serious penalties.

Fortunately, those charged with drug offenses have legal protections, which come into effect from the beginning of a search and seizure. If these rights are not followed, those charged have some legal recourse.

Drug charges, arrests and convictions can involve lengthy and complicated legal proceedings. Due to the serious nature of these allegations, it is important that a person charged with drug offenses have experienced representation.

Source: SCNow.com, "4 suspects arrested in Florence drug raid," April 25, 2012

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