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Baseball pitcher arrested for drunk driving

With spring blossoming, South Carolina baseball followers are extremely excited for the start of Major League Baseball. One team, however, is dealing with a little bit of a criminal setback. In recent news, MLB pitcher Cristhian Martinez was taken into custody this week on drunk driving charges. Martinez is in his third season with the Atlanta Braves.

According to sources, the baseball pitcher was weaving in and out of a lane and traveling at a low speed on the highway. Eventually, Martinez was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. In the process, an officer allegedly smelled alcohol on the baseball player's breath. As a result, police initiated a field sobriety test. According to reports, Martinez's blood alcohol registered at 0.13 in a breath test, which is over the legal limit in most states.

In the end, the baseball player was booked on charges for driving under the influence, improper lane change and impeding the flow of traffic. He was released on $1,627 bond.

This isn't the first Braves pitcher to be arrested for drunk driving. Derek Lowe, former player for the Braves, was taken into custody last spring for driving under the influence; however, his charge was eventually dropped.

If Martinez is found guilty of drunk driving, he will face repercussions that will undoubtedly affect the structure of the Braves. Furthermore, in accordance with MLB's policy, the Braves will soon have the pitcher evaluated by an "independent professional."

The manager of the Braves has made a statement about the incident: "As an organization we don't like our name in the paper behind that kind of stuff. He'll get an earful tomorrow. We've got to make sure, get all the details...But I'm upset." Hopefully, the pitcher will have sufficient legal support to ensure that he makes it through this matter quickly.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Braves reliever Martinez arrested for DUI," Carroll Rogers, April 2, 2012

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