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Drug raid in South Carolina results in 14 arrests

After months of investigations, Kershaw County in South Carolina has arrested 14 people on various drug charges. The arrests included both men and women ranging from 21 to 50 years old. The drug charges were also varied and included distribution of crack cocaine, possession of drugs and conspiracy to distribute.

According to police, these arrests come after months of covert police activities. Police claim that they used undercover officers to buy drugs from several of the suspects. Police then allegedly served search warrants and made the arrests.

One of the suspects allegedly fled South Carolina once he heard that he could be arrested. He was found in Florida and according to police, will be brought back to face several drug charges.

These 14 people, like all those charged with drug crimes, will likely face serious consequences if convicted. People charged with drug crimes in South Carolina face several different penalties. First, those convicted can confront serious jail or prison time. Second, convictions can lead to high fines. Third, people with drug convictions will have a criminal record for the rest of their lives, which can impact their ability to get a job in the future and may damage their reputation in their communities.

People who have been arrested on drug charges, like those in this case, have rights under the law. There are procedures that the police must follow before, during and after an arrest. If any one of these steps is not followed, accusatory evidence may need to be excluded from the case.

Fortunately, for these individuals, an attorney experienced with drug charges will be able to explain the suspects' criminal justice options in an effort to reach a more favorable outcome.

Source: WISTV, "Drug sweep puts 14 behind bars," Renee Standera, May 23, 2012

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