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Representative Vick faces DUI and weapons charges

Everyday across South Carolina, people make mistakes. However, mistakes should not haunt people for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, for some, criminal charges are likely to have long lasting effects -- especially without the proper criminal defense.

Criminal charges, especially felonies, often carry serious penalties. These penalties can include long jail or prison sentences and large fines. Furthermore, even allegations of criminal activity can have a long standing effect on a person's reputation. People accused or convicted of crimes can face a loss of job opportunities and restrictions on what they can do.

South Carolina Representative Ted Vick recently had to resign from his Congressional campaign after recent criminal charges.

According to police, Vick was speeding in Columbia when he was pulled over. Officers allege that when he was stopped, his vehicle smelled like liquor. In a search, police supposedly also found a gun on Vick. Vick had a concealed weapon permit, but police claim that it was expired. Vick was arrested on the scene without performing a field sobriety test.

On May 24, the politician was charged with illegally carrying a pistol, speeding and driving under the influence.

Vick had been running for the 7th Congressional district, which has just been created. While he has resigned from his Congressional campaign, Vick has decided to move forward with his campaign for a fifth term in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Vick has said that he made a mistake, but even so, he is still innocent until proven guilty. During every part of the criminal proceedings -- from the investigation through sentencing -- Vick has legal rights that police and prosecutors must follow.

Source: Charlotte Observer, "SC Rep charged with DUI drops out of US House race," May 25, 2012

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