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Man pleads guilty to drunk driving, sentenced to 10 years

It can often be easy for anyone to get carried away in the moment. When drinking out with friends, the last thing on a person's mind may be how he or she is getting home. In these situations, these people might end up driving, get pulled over and get charged with drunk driving. Those charged with a DUI will face consequences for their actions, but with the right help, these consequences may be mitigated.

After negotiating a plea agreement with prosecutors, one South Carolina man was recently sentenced for two counts of reckless homicide in a DUI crash.

According to prosecutors, in August 2009, the man was driving after drinking too much at a local bar. After leaving the establishment, he hit a car with his truck. The driver and passenger in the car were both killed in the crash.

At the time of the accident, the man's blood alcohol content level was allegedly a 0.08, which is legally intoxicated under South Carolina law. The man, a former Army staff sergeant, originally pleaded guilty to the crime last August after negotiating a deal with prosecutors, but the judge in the case refused to accept the deal.

With a new judge, the prosecutors and the defendant reached a second agreement. This time, the man pleaded guilty to reckless homicide in exchange for 10 years in prison.

Like the defendant in this case, effectively working with prosecutors may help in reducing punishments. Cases are not all cut and dry, and even law enforcement can make mistakes during a DUI stop. Carefully analyzing all aspects of the stop and arrest is essential in order to reach the best outcome for the defendant.

Source: WISTV, "Suspect in deadly DUI crash sentenced," June 27, 2012

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