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3 charged after undercover officers deliver drugs to home

Different types of crimes in South Carolina have different punishments for the accused. There is a wide range of penalties available for those found guilty of drug charges, depending on the type and severity of charges.

Drug trafficking, for example, has a wide range of penalties including prison time and fines. However, the severity of the penalty depends on a wide range of factors. These factors include whether minors were targeted or sold to, the location the selling took place, the amount of the drugs sold and the type of drug sold.

A court might be examining these factors for three South Carolina citizens. These three people, one 23-year-old man and two woman ages 35 and 26, were each recently charged with trafficking marijuana.

According to police, undercover officers intercepted a package as it was on the way to one of the woman's home. The package allegedly contained 10 pounds of marijuana with a street value of around $10,000.

On June 26, the undercover officers took the package to the residence to deliver it. According to the undercover officers, the package was accepted by the people in the home. At this point, police claim that they arrested the three suspects. The three people were then taken to a local jail where they await proceedings.

This case shows the lengths police will go to try to catch someone in the act of trafficking drugs. In this case, one or all of the suspects may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police and prosecutors will need to present strong evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these individuals' intention was to distribute the drugs before any of those charged face penalties.

Source: Aiken Standard, "Three jailed on drug trafficking charges," Karen Daily, July 27, 2012

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