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DUI charge for South Carolina firefighter

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that public employees can make mistakes just like everyone else. Recently, a South Carolina firefighter allegedly made the mistake of drunk driving. According to police, the 22-year-old man was a volunteer firefighter in Woodruff, South Carolina. He was apparently driving with a 16-year-old passenger.

The firefighter was allegedly pulled over for a license check. During that time he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. It is not clear if police performed a breath test or field sobriety test. He was then taken to a local jail before having a court hearing.

At the court hearing, the firefighter was charged with DUI and endangering a minor. According to police, the man was released after posting a $3,000 bond.

The firefighter now faces serious potential penalties as a result of these charges. According to the Woodruff fire department, the man has already been suspended from his position. The firefighter could also face jail time and a fine.

While this man works for the community, he should not be held to any higher standard of behavior. He should be is afforded all the same rights as any other person arrested because of a suspected DUI.

In this case, the firefighter will want to ensure that he makes a proper defense to these charges. Here, he will want to ensure that the police were properly conducting the checks and had a valid reason to suspect that he had been drinking. Furthermore, he will want to force the police into showing that he did in fact have a blood alcohol content level of over .08. Without proof of a higher level, these charges cannot stand.

Source: Myrtle Beach Online, "Woodruff firefighter arrested on DUI charge," Aug. 6, 2012

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