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October 2012 Archives

South Carolina man accused of having 11 marijuana plants in car

Marijuana charges can have long-term consequences. Police say that they arrested a 36-year-old man on the 1000 block of Airport Boulevard in Columbia with 11 marijuana plants in his car. In South Carolina, penalties for drug charges can be harsh. Possession of over one ounce is a strong case for intent to sell, which is a felony. If a person is found guilty of possessing 10 pounds of marijuana or more, there is a mandatory sentence of at least one year in prison and a maximum of up to 10 years. A conviction may also bring a fine of up to $10,000.

South Carolina man arrested for assault on an officer

A 21-year-old man from Beaufort, South Carolina was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a sheriff's deputy. The deputy ended up in the hospital with injuries.. He faces criminal charges for third-degree assault and battery as well as resisting arrest with bodily injury. It is unclear whether or not he has obtained a criminal defense.

Police try to preempt crime with overwhelming presence

Police in Columbia, South Carolina, pulled out all the stops in an attempt to deter crime in the Five Points during the weekend of the University of South Carolina-Georgia football game. Crowd control measures included watchtowers, drunk driving checkpoints, and even police riding around on three-wheeled scooters. The department deployed three paddy-wagons to deal with the anticipated arrests and coordinated the entire effort from a bus-turned-command-center.

South Carolina man accused of multiple church burglaries

Officers from the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office arrested a man on seven charges of burglary and 3 charges of obtaining money through false pretenses. He is currently residing in the Kershaw County Detention Center. It is unclear if he has pled or whether he has retained a criminal defense attorney.


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