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South Carolina man arrested for assault on an officer

A 21-year-old man from Beaufort, South Carolina was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a sheriff's deputy. The deputy ended up in the hospital with injuries.. He faces criminal charges for third-degree assault and battery as well as resisting arrest with bodily injury. It is unclear whether or not he has obtained a criminal defense.

Police reportedly saw two men wearing black riding their bicycles around 2 a.m. and decided they looked suspicious. As the officers approached, the two men rode off in different directions. The deputies stopped the first man, aged forty-seven, outside a residence where he consented to a search. After the search, the officers let him go.

Police may stop and search individuals only under certain circumstances. They cannot stop and search individuals without an adequate reason unless the person gives consent. Any evidence gained from illegal searches may not be used against the defendant in a criminal trial. Often the determination of whether a search was legal or illegal can be important to a criminal defense.

Upon locating the second man, the officers attempted to stop and detain him. The suspect reportedly swung at one of the deputies, trying to punch him in the face. It is unclear whether the suspects reported attack actually connected with the officer. While assault only requires the threat of harm, battery usually requires actual physical contact.

At some point, the leg of the officer was injured and the suspect escaped. Police found him and charged him for the incident at a later time after discovering the suspect also had an outstanding warrant for a non-related violation of his probation.

The injuries that the suspect allegedly inflicted upon the 38-year-old officer are not life threatening.

Source: WCBD-TV, "Man arrested for assaulting Beaufort County deputy," Oct. 9, 2012

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