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November 2012 Archives

Man faces federal charges for accessing info on a public website

In 2010, an AT&T software security hole allowed savvy internet users to access the email and device identification numbers of over 100,000 iPad customers from all over South Carolina and the United States. The security breach was embarrassing for AT&T, coming close on the heels of one of an employee having lost a then-unreleased version of the iPhone in a bar. There is no evidence that the defendant had any nefarious intentions or ever meant to commit any internet crimes.

Both parties allegedly fled scene of fatal drunk driving accident

A 31-year-old man faces felony drunk driving charges after a crash that left one South Carolina man dead and another passenger in the hospital. The suspect reportedly left a night club and soon after got into a wreck with a semi truck on I-95. A 41-year-old male who was riding in the car died, and a second passenger was thrown out of the vehicle. Emergency medical responders flew the latter passenger to Memorial University Medical Center. There is no word on the condition of the patient.

Man reportedly escapes from Richland County Sheriff's HQ

A man reportedly escaped from police custody in the Region 4 Richland County Sheriff's Department headquarters, just north of Columbia, South Carolina. Escaping from custody can give the appearance of guilt and make criminal defense more difficult.

Hacker steals vital information of South Carolina taxpayers

Computer hackers recently obtained 3.6 million Social Security numbers and over 350,000 credit card numbers from the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Authorities say that it was a follow-up of a similar crime in August when the hackers hacked into the state's computer system in Columbia to see what information was stored by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. All but 16,000 of the credit card numbers stolen were encrypted, though it is unknown whether the hackers have the means to break the encryptions. Officials have said that most of the unencrypted numbers are too old to be of use. The Social Security numbers were not encrypted.

Columbia man gets 21 years in federal prison for dealing drugs

A 28-year-old South Carolina man pled guilty to possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine. He sold the drug in and around Columbia and was sentenced in the federal district court. The man received a sentence of 21 years.


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