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Man arrested for allegedly transporting four kids in car trunk

An act is not always as nefarious as it may seem at first glance. Police in South Carolina have arrested a man who allegedly transported children in the trunk of a car. While the minds of some may spring to ideas of abduction and kidnapping, further investigation revealed that is not what happened.

The vehicle was at a local Christmas parade. The man claims, believably, that the children were in the trunk because the cab of the car was already full of people. None of the children were forced into the trunk, and no one was hurt. While he may have possibly broken traffic laws by allowing people, and especially children, to ride in the trunk, he had no ill intent. For many serious crimes, lack of intent can be a valid criminal defense.

For other crimes, especially violations of laws designed to protect the general public, a criminal conviction does not require intent. For example, one does not have to purposefully speed to become subject to a speeding fine, any more than one has to purposefully park in front of a fire hydrant to suffer penalties for illegal parking.

Police approached the vehicle in the first place due to their identifying its license plates as stolen. This fact surely failed to set the police at ease as the man tried to explain why he had a trunk full of children.

The driver told police that a family member had likely changed the plates on him due to an unrelated dispute. At last word, authorities had still charged him with possession of stolen property, driving under suspension and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

Two of the children belonged to the driver, and all the children lived at the same address as the driver. The driver said that the car belonged to his grandfather.

Source: MidlandsConnect.com, "4 kids climb out of trunk, SC man arrested," Dec. 10, 2012

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