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May 2013 Archives

Man faces felony drunk driving charges after killing man

Many people fail to understand the consequences of drunk driving until they cause an accident that injures or even kills another person. A South Carolina man is facing felony drunk driving charges after he caused an accident in Simpsonville, a town about 90 minutes outside Columbia. The accident involved one other car and the impact killed the 38-year-old driver and injured his 15-year-old daughter.

Four people face drug charges; child exposed to drugs at home

A conviction on drug charges can carry life-long consequences. In addition to possible prison time, a drug conviction on one's record can make obtaining future employment and housing more difficult. These are the potential consequences faced by four people in Charleston who were arrested at a home on May 9 on drug charges.

Alleged identity theft ring busted; hundreds of serious charges

There are some types of charges that South Carolina prosecutors will pursue more zealously than others. Crimes with any kind of social stigma attached or which otherwise generate attention-grabbing headlines seem to warrant large-scale operations and far-ranging charges. Internet crimes, for example, are among the latest buzzwords in law enforcement, and defendants accused of identity theft, fraud and other computer crimes may find themselves facing an onslaught of fevered accusations.

Columbia man faces drunk driving charge after hit-and-run

Although many people are not out on the streets in the early morning hours, it can be a dangerous time to be on the roadways because of drunk drivers. Driving under the influence can lead to an accident and drunk driving charge, as one Columbia man found out.

Internet crimes: email scams related to Boston Marathon bombings

Most South Carolina residents have no doubt heard about the Boston Marathon tragedy that occurred on April 15. The bombing killed three people and injured many more. Since people are generally good-natured, many want to help the victims financially. Many scammers are taking advantage of this and have found a way to defraud people through Internet crimes.


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