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Man faces possible drug charges after huge marijuana bust

Those found to carry marijuana on themselves usually do it in small amounts and will usually receive lesser penalties if they are convicted for any charges. But when hundreds of pounds of marijuana are suspected to be stored in a facility, the police will devise an investigate in order to seize the drug, make any necessary arrests and charge those presumed to be connected with the crime.

After two weeks of investigations following a tip about illegal drug activity in Conway, Horry County Police Department's Narcotics and Vice Section arrested a Charleston man. The investigation led law enforcement to a storage unit on Highway 501.

On June 12, police came into contact with the 24-year-old suspect and investigated the storage unit in question. Inside the storage unit the police allegedly discovered 153 pounds of marijuana valued at $500,000. Law enforcement seized the drugs as well as a 2004 Chevy Silverado under the presumption that it was connected with the drug crime.

The man was taken to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. He faces possible drug charges for his involvement with the marijuana. When police find an amount of marijuana or another drug that looks too large to be for personal use, they will look into filing drug trafficking charges. Drug trafficking is a serious offense.

In this case, the suspect will likely be facing hefty fines and possibly extensive jail time for his involvement. Even though marijuana is considered by many to be a relatively harmless drug, the sheer quantity found is enough to have law enforcement concerned.

Given the amount of marijuana found, it is highly likely that there are many more people involved. If the suspect reveals the identities of the others involved, he may be able to get a plea deal that will allow him to face less severe charges and punishment. In addition, the criminal past of the suspect will be considered. If he has a clean past, that could be used to mitigate the charges. Lastly, the defendant could use the search and seizure process as a defense. If authorities did not follow protocol, the defendant could use that as evidence and defense against the charges.

Facing drug charges is a serious situation. The penalties and future consequences can be life altering, so it is important that a defendant seeks to construct a strong defense. Seeking out the assistance of a professional is highly advisable.

Source: WBTV, "$500,000 worth of marijuana found in Horry County drug bust," June 12, 2013


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