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South Carolina man faces drug manufacturing charges

A South Carolina man was arrested recently after police say they found a meth lab at his home. He has been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of ephedrine in an altered state and other drug offenses.

Police said they had a search warrant when they arrived at the home and that someone consented to let them search the residence. Inside, officers said they found ingredients and items used to make methamphetamine.

South Carolina and federal laws prohibit the manufacture or cultivation of illegal drugs. Drug charges related to manufacturing and distribution are typically felonies, meaning that prison times can be a year or longer. In addition, those convicted face large fines and years of probation.

Drug manufacturing and drug distribution cases are often more complicated than simple drug possession charges. To convict someone on drug manufacturing and drug trafficking charges, prosecutors generally have to prove that the defendant both possessed the drug and had the intent to distribute it. Typically, prosecutors establish intent to distribute by showing that the defendant had a lot of the illegal drug on hand. This tends to suggest that the defendant did not intend to keep it all.

In addition, charges of methamphetamine manufacturing have other technical requirements. Methamphetamine is sometimes made using household medications or industrial chemicals, and the prosecutors must prove that the defendant did not intend to use the chemicals for a legitimate purpose.

South Carolina residents accused of manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs are entitled to a defense. It is crucial for those facing these charges to get the help they need to understand the laws and the potential penalties so that they can begin putting a defense strategy into place.

Source: Greenwood Index-Journal, "Greenwood man faces drug charges," June 7, 2013


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