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Man faces drunk driving charges after hitting bicyclist

Driving a motor vehicle while sharing the road with bicyclists can be a tricky situation. Bicyclists are much smaller than cars and trucks and they often seem to dart out of nowhere. A car-bicycle accident in Myrtle Beach on July 6 left a woman dragging 60 feet down Kings Highway.

The driver now faces a drunk driving charge, but it appears that both parties may have contributed to the accident. While making a right-hand turn, the driver looked left, but did not see the 20-year-old woman bicyclist on his right. That was when she was hit and dragged for 20 yards. The woman, however, was riding her bike on the sidewalk and traveling against traffic, which is not recommended.

The woman was conscious and talking immediately following the accident. She was hospitalized for her injuries, which include road rash and a few broken ribs. She is expected to make a full recovery. Both the bike and Jeep were at the accident scene when emergency responders arrived. The accident shut down the road while the woman was rescued from under the vehicle. The Jeep, which had out of state license plates, was towed away.

Because the man caused injury to another person while allegedly operating under the influence, he may face stiffer penalties. Plus, there could be additional charges pending for dragging the woman down the road. However, the woman was not totally cleared from any wrongdoing in the case. Her actions could be crucial if prosecutors attempt to pursue more severe charges.

Source: WMBF News, "Bicyclist hit by vehicle, pulled out from under car," Stephanie Robusto, July 6, 2013


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