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August 2013 Archives

2 South Carolina women arrested in alleged drug crime

A drug possession charge may carry severe penalties. The potential consequences may be worse if the drug offenses involve drug distribution or drug manufacturing.

Teenager facing internet crime charges after Facebook post

Children these days are widely exposed to the cyber age. Even Richland, South Carolina, residents are fully aware of how technology seems to dominate people's lives, especially when it comes to social media. Social media websites such as Facebook have more than one billion users worldwide, allowing people to communicate and share whatever they want.

Robbery charges dismissed for South Carolina man

A criminal charge can negatively impact a person's life. Even a mere allegation of a criminal offense can cost people their job and reputation. However, there are still possibilities that the person accused of a crime was wrongfully accused. A recent case may serve as an example.

Search warrants and arrests following drug investigation

Just outside of Columbia, two young-adults from Irmo are currently facing some serious charges. The pair was recently arrested and charged following an ongoing drug investigation. The investigation afforded police the opportunity to secure a search warrant on a local home.

Computer server containing South Carolina DUI evidence down

Drunk driving charges could not only result in a criminal record but also mar a person's reputation for years to come. But for some of those in South Carolina facing DUI charges, their chance to maintain their innocence in court is being put on hold.


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