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2 South Carolina women arrested in alleged drug crime

A drug possession charge may carry severe penalties. The potential consequences may be worse if the drug offenses involve drug distribution or drug manufacturing.

A recent drug arrest has been made near Columbia, South Carolina. According to sources, two women, aged 51 and 26, respectively, were taken into custody. Both women are facing charges of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Reportedly, the South Carolina Transport Police notified the authorities after they allegedly saw a syringe on top of one of the women's bags. The transport police approached the two accused women after they pulled over and told the officer that they ran out of gas. Supposedly, the officer also discovered a bag that had various items in the trunk of the car that are used to make methamphetamine.

Drug manufacturing occurs when a person is involved in producing illegal drugs. Drug production may result in a felony. Felony drug offenses may carry steep fines, probation and imprisonment. However, drug manufacturing of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine, can also be prosecuted in federal court. If convicted of federal drug charges, the person may be subjected to more serious penalties, larger fines, a longer jail sentence or both.

Drug charges, however, cannot be pressed against an individual without probable cause. Probable cause for arrest should exist from specific facts and not from a hunch or a suspicion. The officer's probable cause is one of the criminal defenses that can contest drug crime allegations, together with unlawful search and seizure and improper police procedures.

Whether the drug crime allegation involves a simple drug possession or drug manufacturing, it can alter a person's life. A South Carolina resident accused of a drug crime may experience a damaged reputation, resulting in job loss and limited future opportunities. However, fighting the drug charges with a solid defense may help the defendant achieve a fair judgment. In doing so, improper procedures that might be present during the arrest may be used to drop or reduce the charges.

Source: Index Journal, "Two women charged with manufacturing meth," Aug. 21, 2013


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