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Robbery charges dismissed for South Carolina man

A criminal charge can negatively impact a person's life. Even a mere allegation of a criminal offense can cost people their job and reputation. However, there are still possibilities that the person accused of a crime was wrongfully accused. A recent case may serve as an example.

Controversy arose when a 34-year-old man was charged with armed robbery on July 2, 2013. According to sources, he spent almost a month in jail because of those charges. The man turned himself in after the authorities named him as a suspect in a robbery incident at the CVS pharmacy, near Columbia, South Carolina. At the time, the man was detained in jail and bail was set at $500,000.

Reportedly, the arrest was made after a man identified the accused person as the person who robbed the CVS pharmacy. Yet, the defendant's attorney asserted that such information seemed undependable. The situation turned around, however, when the officers realized that they had arrested the wrong person. As a result, the Rock Hill man was released from jail. The robbery charges filed against him were also dropped after the authorities did a further investigation regarding the incident.

Whether it is robbery, assault or domestic violence, a criminal charge may pose long-term consequences to the accused. It can affect the person's family as a whole, future employment and worthwhile opportunities. However, a person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. There is still a chance that the criminal charge against the defendant is false. For that reason, challenging the charges may be essential.

Criminal allegations in South Carolina can be contested with the proper criminal defense strategy. With the right help, people can challenge the evidence and the probable cause of the authorities that lead to an arrest.

Source: Herald Online, "Family: Criminal justice system failed man falsely accused in Rock Hill CVS robbery" Anna Douglas, Aug. 3, 2013


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