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Alleged scammer uses PayPal to defraud online sellers

An Internet crime may come in different shapes and sizes. It may range from cyber bullying to fraudulent online activities to a simple online scam. While many Richland, South Carolina residents may have been thankful for certain advantages of the Internet nowadays, they should also be mindful of computer-related crimes or criminal accusations.

Online auctions are trendy nowadays. For this reason, e-commerce companies, like PayPal, are very popular for buyers and sellers in this kind of business transaction. However, some people still manage to defraud sellers using a PayPal account. Apparently, a 15-year-old boy learned that lesson after auctioning his laptop on eBay for $500. The teenager was deceived and his experience was one of many alleged Internet crimes using a PayPal account.

According to sources, the online scam unraveled after the teenager failed to send the product immediately for overnight shipping. The alleged scam begins when the buyer clicks the "Buy it Now" button and sends a fake Email, pretending to be PayPal. The phony Email supposedly affirms that the payment has been sent to the seller's account, even though no actual payment has been made. In this alleged scam, the buyer obtains the merchandise without spending a single dime.

Due to the accessibility of the Internet, anyone from Richland, South Carolina may become a victim of online fraud or, ultimately, of Internet crimes. Online scams, such as a Ponzi scheme, catfish scam or wire fraud, are not tolerated in the United States. There are certain federal laws enforced to fight cyber crimes. Anyone accused of committing an online scam may face serious penalties, large fines and other consequences.

Fortunately, a criminal defense has options available to fight cyber crimes and other Internet-related offenses. Challenging cyber crimes can be complex, but an aggressive defense may give a defendant a reasonable outcome in the case.

Source: News4sanantonio.com, "Online auction Paypal scam," Sept. 9, 2013

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