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Off-duty officer accused of drunk driving in South Carolina

Many Columbia, South Carolina, residents know how dangerous drunk driving is. Even police officers are aware of this fact because they are the people who respond to driving under the influence-related accidents in the state. Regardless, police officers, just like all other drivers, are not exempt from DUI charges.

Reportedly, a police officer is facing controversy after being arrested due to alleged drunk driving. The drunk driving arrest was made after the South Carolina Highway Patrol responded to an incident involving two motor vehicles. Supposedly, the officer's pickup truck hit another vehicle after making a right turn. An off-duty police officer was driving the pickup truck at the time of the accident. No one was injured in the incident.

However, the 27-year-old police officer was charged with a DUI. Recent reports stated that the accused officer was placed on administrative duty.

While no one in South Carolina wants to be charged with drunk driving, even a simple allegation can deeply damage a person's reputation. A criminal charge, such as a DUI, may bring a person's character into question. That kind of scrutiny may influence job applications, current employment and other opportunities.

Besides these, a drunk driving charge may result in higher insurance premiums, diminished driving privileges and a driver's license suspension. If convicted, a South Carolina resident accused of drunk driving may experience serious penalties, prison sentences and long-term consequences. The severity of the penalties may be based on South Carolina's Datamaster test. The higher the Datamaster reads, the stiffer the penalties will be.

However, a South Carolina resident facing a drunk driving charge can avoid such consequences. Through a solid defense, an alleged drunk driver may obtain the best possible outcome in their case.

Source: WTMA, "Police Officer Charged with DUI after Car Accident," Aug. 28, 2013


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