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Traffic violation turns into drug arrest in South Carolina

Many South Carolina officers were on full alert during the Labor Day holiday weekend. Some police are busy cracking down on drunk drivers throughout the state, including Columbia. Other officers, however, are on the lookout to keep everyone safe from traffic violations and a possible drug crime.

A traffic violation turned into the drug arrest of a South Carolina man. Authorities stated that a 36-year-old Moped rider was pulled over after running a stop sign. During the traffic stop, the officers alleged that the man gave false information and did not have a driver's license. Additionally, police allegedly discovered a cigarette pack containing a powdery substance and wax paper after they searched his vehicle. The authorities suspected that the powdery substance was 2.3 grams of heroin.

As a result, the Moped driver was charged with driving without a license, running a stop sign and resisting arrest. He is also facing charges of possession of an illegal drug or narcotics, in connection with the incident.

Drug possession can be a serious offense on both federal and state levels. South Carolina does not tolerate drug crimes. Whether the allegation involves a small amount of methamphetamine, heroin or marijuana, drug charges have a significant impact in a person's life. In such a case, although an accused person is still presumed innocent until he or she is proven guilty, drug charges may present long-term consequences in addition to large fines, penalties and prison sentences, if convicted.

Drug crime allegations may pose a lot of difficulties for the accused person. However, the insights of a legal professional may help a defendant understand clearly what can be done to fight drug charges. Through an aggressive and ethical defense, a South Carolina resident accused of drug possession may be able to obtain a reasonable outcome in the case.

Source: Myrtle Beach Online, "Mo-ped stop ends in arrest for heroin possession in Myrtle Beach," Aug. 30, 2013

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