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October 2013 Archives

Woman faces felony drunken-driving charge after fatal accident

A fatal car crash near Columbia, South Carolina, prompted South Carolina Highway Patrol officers to arrest and charge a 29-year-old woman for driving while intoxicated. The early morning accident, which involved three westbound vehicles, occurred in Dorchester County.

Prison officer faces assault, battery charges for punching inmate

People may act violently in a situation or a place where there is too much stress for the person to handle. Because emotions can affect a person's behavior, there are times that a person may act without regard for anyone else. About two hours northwest of Columbia, South Carolina, police arrested an officer at a detention center after he allegedly punched a prisoner in the face. The 28-year-old officer is now facing third-degree assault and battery charges.

Two men allegedly kill a another man in South Carolina

Violent crimes, like domestic assault, battery and murder, are very serious. Columbia, South Carolina, residents should remember that violent crimes are severely punished in all 50 states, including in South Carolina. A violent crime may carry severe and long-term consequences for an accused person.

Alleged Internet scam preys on South Carolina job seekers

Employment websites are considerably popular. As more and more people become unemployed, such websites are convenient for many job seekers and employers to post the available positions they have in their respective companies. South Carolina has an employment website called "SC Works." Unfortunately, SC Works is facing controversy following an alleged Internet scam.


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