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Alleged Internet scam preys on South Carolina job seekers

Employment websites are considerably popular. As more and more people become unemployed, such websites are convenient for many job seekers and employers to post the available positions they have in their respective companies. South Carolina has an employment website called "SC Works." Unfortunately, SC Works is facing controversy following an alleged Internet scam.

Job seekers in Richland, South Carolina, should be aware of the suspected scam connected to the state's employment website. According to the report, scammers are targeting employment websites for cyber crime. For example, a South Carolina man claimed that he was scammed by using the SC Works.

The alleged Internet crime occurred after the man received an email claiming to be from Godel Technologies (which is a real company not actually part of the scam), saying that he was selected as a candidate for a certain position. By then, he had trained online and was communicating with the employer, who supposedly used the cover name Godel Technologies. The alleged scammer asked him to wire approximately $6,000 out of the checks that he had received. As the days passed, the checks bounced, leaving the man out of $6,000.

It is unfortunate to realize how the cyber age poses negative experiences for people due to computer-related crimes such as Internet fraud, cyberstalking and online scams. However, due to its accessibility, any person can be involved in Internet-related crimes or be accused of committing a cyber crime.

Internet crimes are illegal in many states, including South Carolina. In instances where an individual was accused of committing a cyber crime, he or she may experience potential penalties and life-altering consequences.

However, computer-related crimes are extremely complicated, particularly for people who do not have the skill or knowledge of Internet technology. This fact may challenge the evidence used against an accused person. Although the person may have been accused of monitoring and prosecuting Internet-related crimes, the possibilities that the person has been wrongfully accused remains a possibility.

Source: wistv.com, "Police: Employment scam traced to SC Works website," PJ Randhawa, Sept. 24, 2013

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