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November 2013 Archives

Breath test refusal does not prevent DWI charges

Driving while intoxicated is a serious traffic violation across the United States and police are careful when administering field sobriety tests during traffic stops. Many Columbia, South Carolina residents are aware that they can refuse those tests but not everyone knows that doing so can still result in an arrest or charges being pressed.

Three people accused of mobile drug manufacturing operation

Across the United States, law enforcement agencies are committed to curbing drug-related crime. The punishment for convictions of charges associated with the possession, manufacturing and distribution of drugs can be severe.

Four people arrested for drug manufacturing in South Carolina

South Carolina police arrested four people they believe were engaged in the manufacture of methamphetamine. The arrest was made not far from Columbia, South Carolina. Reportedly, the police originally came to the scene after a possible burglary. The homeowner reported to the police that several people were in the home who did not live there and who should not have been there.

Murder allegations charged against a South Carolina man

Police arrested a 40-year-old man they believe was involved in the murder of a 27-year-old man, which occurred approximately two hours west of Columbia, South Carolina. Police stated that the suspect and the victim were acquaintances but they do not understand the motives behind the shooting yet. The victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest. Police believed that the shooting stemmed from an argument, which started inside a residence and extended into the front yard.


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