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Three people accused of mobile drug manufacturing operation

Across the United States, law enforcement agencies are committed to curbing drug-related crime. The punishment for convictions of charges associated with the possession, manufacturing and distribution of drugs can be severe.

In Orangeburg, South Carolina, south of Columbia, two men and a woman are facing such charges after police arrested them for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine. The police received a call from the South Carolina Highway Patrol informing them that they had discovered a mobile methamphetamine laboratory in the suspects' vehicle during a traffic stop. All three suspects were charged with drug manufacturing. The two men, 21 and 28 years old, were released on $20,000 bail. The 28-year-old woman is still in jail on other charges. The male driver of the car also faces a traffic violation for driving with a suspended license.

Being convicted of a drug-related crime is devastating to a person's reputation and future prospects. For example, drug charges bring social stigma, making future employment options limited and perhaps even impossible.

Appearing as a defendant in a criminal court case is daunting, and contesting a prosecutor's charges is extremely difficult. In addition to attaching disgrace to the accused, a conviction on drug charges carries serious penalties, depending on the nature of the offense. Manufacturing illegal drugs, for example, is a graver offense than mere drug possession.

In this case, given the evidence seized by the police, the suspects will be hard pressed to avoid conviction, and they have other charges to face, which may add to the penalties. However, not all the facts are on hand. Perhaps the charges are incorrect or the arrest procedure was flawed, and it is unclear who actually owns the manufacturing equipment found in the vehicle. With the possibility of prison sentences high, the accused persons need the help and guidance of a lawyer who is experienced in criminal law and who can create a sound, aggressive defense.

Source: The Times and Democrat, "Sheriff: 3 Arrested in Mobile Meth Lab," Nov. 13, 2013

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