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South Carolina: Ted Vick's DWI hearing postponed

Drunk driving is a serious offense anywhere in the United States. South Carolina laws do not tolerate drunk driving and law enforcers are committed to curbing offenders because of traffic safety risks. For such a reason, a drunk driving charge carries serious penalties, such as a license suspension and revocation, jail sentence and substantial fines. The extent of penalties depends on several factors, including injuries, damages, blood alcohol content level and repeat offenses.

A South Carolina judge postponed the driving while intoxicated trial against State Representative Ted Vick. The hearing was delayed and the members of the jury discussed the case prior to the hearing, which might result in a partial and unfair verdict.

The legislator failed to appear at the hearing because he is attending training with the South Carolina National Guard. His attorney stated that they could call him in if his statements are needed. There was no confirmation about the next hearing date.

The Representative is involved in two unresolved DWI cases. Last year, police alleged that they pulled him over after speeding near Columbia, and charged him with driving while intoxicated. His female passenger stated that after drinking in Five Points, he offered her a ride home. After the arrest, the lawmaker withdrew from the 7th District congressional elections.

On May 14, he was arrested again on a driving under the influence charge. Reportedly, he stumbled his way into his car, which was parked in the State House garage. He then drove the vehicle and hit a traffic cone. In October, a judge ruled that the Department of Public Safety attorneys do not have the authority to prosecute the case, which resulted in a delay. The department plans to appeal the ruling.

When a driver faces a single or multiple DWI charges, they should seek to defend them. This could mean additional investigation or questioning the legality of the traffic stop and any tests conducted such as the field sobriety test or breath test.

Accused drunk drivers have the right to defend themselves in court with an aggressive defense strategy. A plea agreement could be reached between the defense and the prosecution to reduce the charges, which in turn lowers the penalties they could experience.

Source: The Buzz, "State House: Ted Vick's Five Points Dui Trial Postponed After Jurors Discuss Case," Jamie Self, Dec. 4, 2013

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