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Former Secretary of Transportation arrested on DUI charge

Recently, the Secretary of South Carolina's Department of Transportation was arrested on driving under the influence charges in Columbia, South Carolina. After the arrest, the director filed his resignation with the governor.

According to deputies from Lexington County, the 66-year-old former director was seen driving erratically on Interstate 20. The officers ordered the driver to pull over and performed field sobriety tests. After a failed field sobriety test, the officers arrested the driver and transported him to the Lexington County Detention Center, where he registered a .20 percent blood alcohol content level in a breath test. The former director was later released on a bond. The former director stated that his resignation was due to personal reasons.

This case clearly shows that there is a no tolerance policy when it comes to drunk driving. Being charged with DUI can damage a person's reputation and the only way to be acquitted of the charge is to exercise legal rights and establish a strong criminal defense. Failure to take the matter seriously can lead to conviction. A person convicted of a DUI offense may be sentenced to imprisonment, fines or probation, and be required to pay higher insurance premiums.

In Columbia, a driver facing drunk driving charges may contest the allegations that stemmed from field sobriety tests and breath tests. Results from these tests can be challenged by citing contributory factors, such as the driver's health condition.

Suspected drunk drivers may need more information to increase the chances of proving their innocence in court. Getting such information can help the arrestee navigate the court system and challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutors.

Source: Usatoday.com, "S.C. transportation chief resigns after DUI arrest," Tony Santaela, Jan. 31, 2014

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