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"Operation Stamp Out" nabs 61 people on drug charges

Use of prohibited drugs and their distribution are not tolerated in Columbia, South Carolina. The severity of drug charges depends on the type and quantity of the drugs seized. A person caught carrying a small amount of marijuana can be charged with drug possession, a misdemeanor. On the other hand, a person caught carrying five pounds of marijuana is likely to face charges of drug trafficking, a felony.

In the neighboring area of Lancaster County, local authorities recently conducted a drug sweep called "Operation Stamp Out." The operation was a success with police officers arresting 61 people-most of them convicts who were free on bond and have been linked to violent crimes.

The police officers seized $10,000 in cash, 343 doses of prescription narcotics, 629 grams of cocaine and 32 grams of crack cocaine. Most of the suspects were charged with sale of prescription narcotics, drug possession and drug trafficking.

In this case, each suspect is facing different charges. The gravity of the charges depends on the nature of the crime, which is why it is important for people facing drug charges to seek legal assistance. Suspects can exercise their rights during interrogation and refuse to answer questions asked by police officers. By doing this, people under suspicion will be able to maintain their innocence of the crime. Suspects can also pay the bond in order to be free. Then they can consult a legal professional to understand their case.

In Columbia South Carolina, a person who is arrested under suspicion of drug charges can rely on the services provided by a criminal defense attorney. Handling the case without legal representation is not advisable due to the complicated legal aspects of a criminal defense. Having the assistance of a staunch legal advocate can make a difference especially in establishing a strong criminal defense.

Source: Charlotteobserver.com, "61 charged in Lancaster County drug sweep," Andrew Dys, Jan. 24, 2014

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