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South Carolina couple accused in missing person case

To many people, "innocent until proven guilty" may be just a cliché. However, people facing serious criminal allegations know this is the difference between suffering long-term consequences and living a free and normal life. The same phrase was also recently uttered by the defense attorneys of a South Carolina couple who have been implicated in a murder case.

This couple has been charged with the murder of a missing 20-year-old South Carolina woman. The husband's defense attorney stressed that the couple did not have any connections with the woman. The wife's legal counsel asserted her client's innocence by saying she was at home, schooling her kids. Her defense attorney related how she loves her family and how her family loves her in return. This image was certainly a far cry from how social media has portrayed her.

The 20-year-old has been missing for months and the body has not been found. Even without the body or any clear indication linking the couple to the missing person, prosecutors remain confident. Arrest warrants allege there is probable cause that the couple kidnapped and killed the woman at a local boat landing. Authorities are also claiming there was a possible affair between the young woman and the husband. The prosecutors have not yet disclosed any evidence, as will be required during the discovery phase of the trial.

One of the couple's defense attorneys is aware of the social media gossip that an affair is the motive for the crime. However, he stated that there is no evidence to prove this claim. The attorney also hoped that people will separate social media fiction from fact and conclusions and assumption of guilt should not be made in the absence of proof.

This case underlines the importance of having an experienced criminal defense professional on the side of the accused. Such assistance can be crucial in making sure that a Columbia, South Carolina, resident's declaration of innocence is clearly asserted in the legal proceedings.

Source: wmbfnews.com, "Defense attorneys insist Moorers are 'innocent until proven guilty'," Michael Maely, March 17, 2014

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