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Four people face drug charges after meth lab discovery

Drug offenses come with serious consequences. An accused can face a lengthy prison sentence and expensive penalties. Depending on the severity of the allegations, drug charges can be elevated on a federal scale. For this reason, it is important for a South Carolina resident facing charges to act immediately to avoid any further complications.

In Lexington County, just west of Columbia, four people were apprehended after police raided two residences that yielded meth labs. Responding to a tip from CrimeStoppers, the county police together with the Narcotics Enforcement Team with the help of a search warrant went to the first home at Pine Drive. Upon discovering a meth lab, police arrested three people. While at the first home, police smelled meth from the adjacent residence.

Police went to the nearby residence and found drug paraphernalia, scales and a man who had small plastic bags of marijuana. The 53-year-old man was taken into custody along with the four others that were previously arrested. They were charged with several drug offenses and were held on bail. The officers took apart and disposed the meth lab and the equipment.

In a situation where there seems to be a lot of evidence against an accused, a plea deal can be requested. In a plea request, an accused can negotiate for the reduction of charges in exchange for his or her cooperation. An accused can also choose to fight for the dismissal of the charges. In both cases, guidance from a Columbia, South Carolina criminal law professional is crucial.

A professional can help draft a plea deal aimed for the best interest of an accused. On the other hand, if an accused decides to fight the charges, a professional can help make a compelling defense, verify any errors in witness statements and check the authenticity of evidence.

Source: Island Packet, "Four arrested, two meth labs seized in Lexington County," Mindy Lucas, April 6, 2014

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