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Fifty-two individuals indicted in drug bust

A drug charge in South Carolina can be a very serious allegation. Those indicted on drug charges often face a wide range of sentences. When facing a drug charge it is important to remember that legal rights still exist.

Recently, the South Carolina Attorney General brought charges against 52 individuals for drug-related crimes. The Attorney General believes that the individuals have been bringing thousands of pounds of drugs into South Carolina since 2009. They also believe that the drug activity stretched across the state and affected many counties.

Although charges have been brought against these individuals, it does not mean that they are guilty. In the United States we have a presumption of innocence. This means that an individual cannot be considered guilty for a crime until they have had their fair day in court.

When a case goes to court, the attorneys and judge evaluate the behavior of the police during the course of their investigation. Police have standards that they must follow in order to protect the privacy of individuals. For example, in a typical scenario an officer must have a search warrant to search a home. If an officer enters a home uninvited and without a warrant, their may be a challenge to the search and seizure of any property. Evidence collected improperly may be thrown out of the court proceeding.

Privacy and the rights of individuals are among the most important foundations that this country was built on, and South Carolina residents deserve no less. Any individual who may be facing drug charges should protect their rights.

Source: News 13, "52 indicted in huge SC meth, pot and pill drug bust," May 23, 2014

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