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South Carolina man faces drug charges, claims he was set-up

At times, a criminal charge is not as straightforward as it may seem. This is especially true with drug charges, where a person can become a suspect without even having any knowledge of possessing drugs. A South Carolina man claims that this type of situation happened to him. He asserts that he was set-up when authorities found drugs in a flashlight he was carrying.

A 27-year-old Rock Hill man was in a vehicle driven by 49-year-old woman when they were pulled over by police. According to the police, an anonymous tipster told them that the man was hiding methamphetamine inside a flashlight he carried around. During the vehicle search, the police recovered a black flashlight on the floorboard of the passenger side of the car which the man admitted that he owned. Upon shaking the flashlight, the officer heard something sliding inside and after opening it, found a small plastic bag filled with methamphetamine.

The man was arrested and charged with drug possession. However, he asserted that he was unaware of the drugs in the flashlight and was set up by a friend. The suspect related that a friend gave him the flashlight after he learned that he was planning to go camping.

Despite the man's protest that he was set-up, he was still taken into custody and the charges were upheld. He was given an additional charge since he possessed an illegal substance near a school.

Drug offense convictions can severely impact a person's life as well as the lives of their family and friends. In a situation where a person is wrongfully accused, having a strong defense is crucial in order to fight the allegations. A suspect may seek the guidance of an experienced criminal law professional in order to establish such a defense. A legal professional can help maintain an aggressive but ethical and fair defense that can help a South Carolina resident defend themselves against serious charges.

Source: The Island Packet, "Report: Rock Hill man stashed meth in flashlight," Jonathan McFadden, April 15, 2014

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