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Fraud charges brought against three South Carolina residents

Internet crimes can be extremely complicated. In some scenarios an Internet crime occurs without an individual knowing they are a part of the scam. Because many layers are involved in investigating Internet crimes, knowing one's legal rights proves to be essential when asserting a defense.

Federal investigators recently arrested three individuals in the Charleston area, alleging that they were a part of international fraud. The investigators believed the individuals were involved in romantic scams and bank, financial and credit card takeovers. Nineteen individuals across the United States have been arrested in connection with the crimes. Reportedly, millions of U.S. dollars were at stake as a result of the fraud. Hundreds of victims have also been identified.

The stakes are high in many Internet crime investigations. Because of these high stakes, investigators may feel an immense amount of pressure to capture the individual responsible for the crime. This pressure does not always lead to the best police practices. Regardless of the situation, however, United States citizens are entitled to privacy rights by the constitution. They are also entitled to competent representation that will help a jury understand the full extent of the scenario.

Being accused of an Internet crime can be a very frightening experience. The punishment for these crimes varies greatly depending on involvement and extent of harm. As individuals face charges in the state of South Carolina they should not forget their legal rights and protections. Speaking with an experienced legal professional helps to ensure that these individuals avoid injustice.

Source: Live 5 News, "Feds: 3 arrested in Charleston in international fraud case," Patrick Phillips, May 21, 2014

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