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Serious drunk driving charges against South Carolina man

Recently in Florence County, serious charges have been brought against a man accused of drunk driving. As an individual faces extreme penalties and serious allegations, it is important for them to remember that they still have rights and those rights are always entitled to protections under the Constitution.

The man was driving in the town of Effingham when he crossed the centerline and drove into a yard on the other side of the street. A 35-year-old man happened to be mowing his lawn at the time and was struck by the vehicle. The pedestrian did not survive the incident. The driver now stands accused with driving under the influence resulting in death and child endangerment. The accident remains under police investigation.

Drunk driving charges can greatly range in severity. It is especially important, however, that serious charges are fully evaluated in order to protect the individuals that deserve protection. When a drunk driving accident occurs, the police need reasonable suspicion to investigate the scene and those involved in the accident. The police also need probable cause to make an arrest in a DUI case.

As an individual defends himself or herself against a DUI charge, they must remember that they are innocent until proven guilty. A charge against them does not suspend the rights that they have are entitled to by the Constitution. An experienced legal professional in the state of South Carolina knows and understands the law and what protections are available to an individual charged with a DUI crime. Charged individuals are typically best able to protect these rights by discussing their situation with a legal professional.

Source: WBTW News, "Police say: Man mowing grass hit and killed by drunk driver," June 05, 2014

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