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CEO arrested on DUI charges

A drunk driving charge can carry serious consequences. Not only does an individual face a fine, possible jail time and other restrictions, but their reputation can also be harmed. Because of the damages a DUI can cause, it is imperative that the police get it right and do not implicate an individual wrongly.

Recently the CEO of Cypress Creek Organic Farms was driving on Highway 18 when he was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. The man now sits in a Cherokee County jail awaiting his time in court to tell his side of the story.

Regardless of the type of crime, police involved with an arrest and investigation must follow correct procedures. These procedures protect civilians and keep police power in check. When proper procedures are not followed, the police and prosecution face consequences. One such consequence is to eliminate evidence found during an illegal search. Another example occurs when police do not read an individual his or her Miranda rights before an arrest. This leads to the exclusion of any subsequent confession.

Individuals being charged with a DUI must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to be convicted. It is the prosecution's duty to fulfill this standard. If they cannot, the individual is acquitted of all charges.

A DUI in South Carolina can result in serious consequences for an individual and having a good criminal defense strategy is important. Those charged with a DUI are presumed innocent and should discuss their situation with an experienced legal professional that will work diligently to protect that presumption.

Source: WAFF-TV, "Cypress Creek Organic Farms CEO arrested for DUI in South Carolina," Margo Gray, July 12, 2014

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