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South Carolina sheriff pleads not guilty on bribery charges

A criminal charge that leads to a conviction can carry serious ramifications. Fines, jail time or even capital punishment can be carried out when an individual is convicted. Yet another result of a criminal conviction is the negative stigma and reputational damage. Because of these serious consequences, individuals charged with a crime should proceed with caution to ensure that they are not being wrongly punished.

Plea deal could drastically reduce ex-mayor's sentence

A plea deal has its pros and cons in the public eye, but in reality, plea bargains are essential to the court system. Plea bargains are necessary because of overburdened court calendars and overcrowded jailhouses. When charged with an offense, the importance of negotiations and plea offers becomes key.

South Carolina man faces murder-for-hire accusations

Criminal allegations can cause a South Carolina resident's life to go into a downward spiral. A person's reputation and all they worked for can be significantly damaged because of mere allegations of criminal conduct. A person facing such a predicament should immediately explore their options to counteract the negative effects of the criminal accusations.

South Carolina couple accused in missing person case

To many people, "innocent until proven guilty" may be just a cliché. However, people facing serious criminal allegations know this is the difference between suffering long-term consequences and living a free and normal life. The same phrase was also recently uttered by the defense attorneys of a South Carolina couple who have been implicated in a murder case.

South Carolina man accused of molesting girlfriend's daughter

Any criminal allegations can weigh heavily on the shoulders of an accused. Accusations, especially those that are sexual in nature and involve a child, can definitely add to the weight. The recent case of a South Carolina man dealing with a previous criminal charge and now facing another, more damaging, charge illustrates how serious legal problems can become.

Allegation of inappropriate touching led to chiropractor's arrest

Being charged with a crime can damage the reputation of the accused person. In Surfside Beach, South Carolina, a 63-year-old chiropractor was arrested on charges of battery and first-degree assault.

Police arrest two armed robbery suspects in South Carolina

Using a weapon to commit a crime is a serious offense in South Carolina. If the government can prove that a suspect used force or a weapon to commit a crime, the offender will likely serve substantial jail time.

South Carolina tax preparer faces fraud allegations

With assistance from the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety, investigators from the South Carolina Department of Revenue recently arrested a 54-year-old Midlands man on charges that he prepared fraudulent tax returns between 2008 and 2012. According to the most recent reports, the tax preparer is in custody the Orangeburg-Calhoun Regional Detention Center and waiting for a bond hearing.

Murder allegations charged against a South Carolina man

Police arrested a 40-year-old man they believe was involved in the murder of a 27-year-old man, which occurred approximately two hours west of Columbia, South Carolina. Police stated that the suspect and the victim were acquaintances but they do not understand the motives behind the shooting yet. The victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest. Police believed that the shooting stemmed from an argument, which started inside a residence and extended into the front yard.

Prison officer faces assault, battery charges for punching inmate

People may act violently in a situation or a place where there is too much stress for the person to handle. Because emotions can affect a person's behavior, there are times that a person may act without regard for anyone else. About two hours northwest of Columbia, South Carolina, police arrested an officer at a detention center after he allegedly punched a prisoner in the face. The 28-year-old officer is now facing third-degree assault and battery charges.


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