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CEO arrested on DUI charges

A drunk driving charge can carry serious consequences. Not only does an individual face a fine, possible jail time and other restrictions, but their reputation can also be harmed. Because of the damages a DUI can cause, it is imperative that the police get it right and do not implicate an individual wrongly.

Serious drunk driving charges against South Carolina man

Recently in Florence County, serious charges have been brought against a man accused of drunk driving. As an individual faces extreme penalties and serious allegations, it is important for them to remember that they still have rights and those rights are always entitled to protections under the Constitution.

Woman charged with DUI after driving on beach

Almost all South Carolina residents know what it feels like to see police lights in their review mirror. The stomach dropping feeling is not one that many of us are fond of. Seeing the lights may be particularly worrisome if you've had a glass of wine or a beer at dinner. No matter the circumstances, South Carolina residents should take a deep breath and remember that laws are in place to protect them.

One woman charged with felony drunk driving after a fatal crash

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Columbia, South Carolina, and everywhere else in the United States. For first-time offenders, they may face misdemeanor charges if no one was injured in the incident. Another offense can lead to more serious, felony charges, depending on the circumstances. If the driver is involved in an accident that results in the bodily harm or death of another, he or she may be subject to felony charges, which can lead to long-term incarceration, fines and other penalties.

Former Secretary of Transportation arrested on DUI charge

Recently, the Secretary of South Carolina's Department of Transportation was arrested on driving under the influence charges in Columbia, South Carolina. After the arrest, the director filed his resignation with the governor.

Driver plunges into a pond, accused of drunk driving

Anyone of legal age can drink alcohol in South Carolina. However, operating under the influence is strictly prohibited in all 50 states. It is common knowledge that drinking alcohol and driving do not go together. Many drunk driving accidents are caused by impaired drivers, which is why police officers often set up random traffic stops to ensure the safety of the motorists.

South Carolina: Ted Vick's DWI hearing postponed

Drunk driving is a serious offense anywhere in the United States. South Carolina laws do not tolerate drunk driving and law enforcers are committed to curbing offenders because of traffic safety risks. For such a reason, a drunk driving charge carries serious penalties, such as a license suspension and revocation, jail sentence and substantial fines. The extent of penalties depends on several factors, including injuries, damages, blood alcohol content level and repeat offenses.


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