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Fraud charges brought against three South Carolina residents

Internet crimes can be extremely complicated. In some scenarios an Internet crime occurs without an individual knowing they are a part of the scam. Because many layers are involved in investigating Internet crimes, knowing one's legal rights proves to be essential when asserting a defense.

South Carolina sheriff suspended after facing serious charges

The Internet plays an important role on the daily lives of South Carolina residents through both social media and online transactions. Because of this, many criminals are now using the Internet to commit fraudulent acts against potential victims. Internet crimes usually involve virus attacks, fraud, hacking and sex-related computer crimes. These crimes can be prosecuted in state or federal courts, depending on the nature of the offense.

Woman apprehended in identity-theft scheme faces 80 charges

Sheriff's deputies in a city about 2 hours southwest of Columbia recently apprehended a 23-year-old woman who allegedly made multiple purchases at Amazon.com using another person's checking account. The woman now faces 80 criminal counts, including 40 charges of financial fraud.

Ex-employee sues university after computer crime charges dropped

Almost everyone has access to a computer nowadays whether it is at home or at work. There are times when a person may need to bring their work computer home to finish some tasks that cannot be completed on their personal computer. Although this is viewed as a typical and innocent action, his or her employer may view it negatively.

Alleged Internet scam preys on South Carolina job seekers

Employment websites are considerably popular. As more and more people become unemployed, such websites are convenient for many job seekers and employers to post the available positions they have in their respective companies. South Carolina has an employment website called "SC Works." Unfortunately, SC Works is facing controversy following an alleged Internet scam.

Alleged scammer uses PayPal to defraud online sellers

An Internet crime may come in different shapes and sizes. It may range from cyber bullying to fraudulent online activities to a simple online scam. While many Richland, South Carolina residents may have been thankful for certain advantages of the Internet nowadays, they should also be mindful of computer-related crimes or criminal accusations.

Teenager facing internet crime charges after Facebook post

Children these days are widely exposed to the cyber age. Even Richland, South Carolina, residents are fully aware of how technology seems to dominate people's lives, especially when it comes to social media. Social media websites such as Facebook have more than one billion users worldwide, allowing people to communicate and share whatever they want.


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