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South Carolina man barred from Internet after sex crime charge

The South Carolina attorney general recently reported that authorities have arrested a South Carolina man on a single count of sexual exploitation of a minor. The sex crime charge arises out of a file on a computer that the man had pawned. Employees of the pawn shop were erasing the hard drive in order to resale the computer and found a file that appeared to contain child porn.

Charges over inappropriate student-teacher relationship dropped

A South Carolina teacher who was facing allegations of sexual battery of a student recently had the charges against her dropped. Authorities have refused to comment on the reason why they are no longer seeking a conviction. The student against whom the female teacher had allegedly committed the sex crime was somewhere between 16 and 17 years of age. There was no accusation of force or coercion by the teacher.

Man arrested after allegedly transmitting child pornography

Child pornography-related charges can carry especially stiff penalties in South Carolina. One South Carolina man faces nine counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Each count, all of which are third degree felonies, may result in a ten year sentence.

Man guilty of sex crimes sentenced to 50 years in prison

As Myrtle Beach readers may know, very few criminal charges carry the stigma that attaches to sex crimes. Even allegations of a sex crime in South Carolina can have a devastating effect on a person's life. Furthermore, if convicted, a person's reputation in the community can be diminished and accusations of a sex crime can affect a person's professional and personal life.

Some sex crime monitoring unconstitutional

Just being accused of a sex crime in South Carolina can cause serious damage to a reputation and one's personal life. After very aggressive prosecution, those convicted of a sex crime can face very severe penalties with lifelong effects. These penalties can include jail or prison time and registration on the sex offender registry.

Sex offender registries: Are they reliable?

Many South Carolina residents do an online search for sex offenders living in their neighborhood. This is especially common when people move into a new environment. However, did you know that these sex offender websites may not be accurate? In fact, in five states, these sites overestimate the number of sex offenders in a particular community by as much as 60 percent.

NFL football player found not guilty of rape

There are many consequences of a sex crime conviction. If you are found guilty of a sex-related offense in the state of South Carolina, on top of a lengthy prison sentence, you will have to register as a sex offender. Furthermore, you will probably face a lot of public scrutiny. For this reason, if you are confronted with sex charges, you should ensure that your rights are adequately honored. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. In a recent national story, a well-known NFL football player has been acquitted by a jury for rape charges.


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